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Debit Cards: The Preferred Choice for Online Payments in New Zealand

By JNP Merch / June 19, 2022 /

Debit cards have emerged as a preferred method of online payments in New Zealand Not only are they safe and convenient, but they also play a crucial role in facilitating transactions related to various aspects of life, including sports. In this article, we will explore how debit cards have become an integral part of…


IMPACT Online Basketball Academy Helps Seattle Basketball Players Reach Their Potential

By JNP Merch / May 20, 2022 /

Basketball is more than just a sport it’s a way of life for many in Seattle. For more information on the city’s sports news, visit The city has a rich basketball culture, with players of all ages striving to reach their full potential. To nurture this talent and help players achieve their goals, IMPACT’s…


Advantages of Using Apple Pay in Canadian Online Casinos

By JNP Merch / April 24, 2022 /

In recent years, the world of online casinos has experienced a surge in popularity, and this trend is not limited to ordinary players. Even famous basketball players have discovered the convenience of gambling online. Moreover, they have discovered that using Apple Pay in Canadian online casinos has a number of advantages that make the game…


Mastering the Psychological Aspects of Basketball Through Online Casino Games

By JNP Merch / March 20, 2022 /

Basketball is not only a physically demanding sport, it also requires a strong mental game. Players have to stay focused, make quick decisions, and handle pressure effectively. Interestingly, Captain Spins NZ Casino games reviewed in detail at can be an amazing tool to help people, particularly basketball players, improve their psychological well-being. In this…


Mobile Casinos: An Interesting and Effective Way to Improve Basketball Skill

By JNP Merch / February 19, 2022 /

In the ever-evolving world of sports, athletes are constantly seeking innovative methods to enhance their skills. While traditional training methods and drills are essential, there are unique avenues that can also contribute to their improvement. One such unconventional approach is the use of mobile casinos no deposit bonus. This might seem surprising at first, but…


The Benefits of Banking with Citibank NZ for Basketball Players and Coaches

By JNP Merch / January 1, 2022 /

In the dynamic world of sport, where agility and precision are paramount, financial management is often overlooked by athletes and coaches. Basketball players and coaches need a banking partner that understands their unique financial needs. Citibank New Zealand (Citibank NZ) is the best choice for these individuals because of its specialised services and a host…


NBA season preview: Anthony Edwards and this rookie class are getting thrown into the fire

By Joe Abunassar / December 23, 2020 /

ESPN profiled Anthony Edwards training at IMPACT, click here to read.


[The Athletic] Q&A: Joe Abunassar on training NBA stars, draft prep and his best KG stories

By Joe Abunassar / December 12, 2020 /

IMPACT’s Joe Abunassar took some time to talk to The Athletic about his career, how the job works, and the players he has prepared this season in a conversation that began with a little-known guard from Nebraska and ended with the star of “Uncut Gems.”   Click here to read ( behind paywall).