IMPACT Basketball Training Testimonials

By now you've probably read and watched what NBA legends have to say about IMPACT, and you're heard what we have to say, you've seen the proof, but what you need to hear is what other people just like you have said about their experience at IMPACT.

We'd be more than happy to put you in contact with these parents, players and coaches directly but their privacy and to comply with NCAA regulations, we have not published their names here.

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IMPACT Basketball Staff

Parents Just Like YOU Say...


"I wanted to thank you for taking care of my son for the last month.  He returned home with a completely different outlook toward his grades and his basketball commitment.   His conversations with your staff must have really struck a chord, and I believe you have given him a new mindset and set him on a new path to achieve academically and to focus on his training.    Thank you for such wise advice in opening his eyes to all of the opportunities available to him.    This was a wonderful life experience for him - thank you for re-energizing the passion in a smart and determined young man."


"My son attended your camp this week and loved it - came home exhausted every night! I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you and your team of amazing coaches. He gained so much from all of you at IMPACT!"


"What an amazing week it was for my daughter! Truly sore from all the workout but in her words she found it "empowering" and it really has had a huge motivational "IMPACT" on her training and am sure it will carry through to her games. "


"Both my children really enjoyed the camp.  They thought it was hard work but came home everyday talking about some new way to run drills and how the mix of ball skills, fitness training and discussions was so important.  I was so glad to hear them talk like that, if nothing else they have a better understanding of what is needed to really develop their game."


"Let me thank you for my son's experience in your camp.  It was a great for him to experience the professional atmosphere of IMPACT, and it has inspired him in his dream to play college basketball. "

Coaches from Around the World Say...

"Forget as a coach, as a parent your talks to the boys were something we have all said but can’t get them to hear. It was that time at the end of each day that made the biggest IMPACT on our players. Thank you for caring enough about how young people grow to share your experiences with us. Our experience at IMPACT was simply incredible, and parents, players, and coaches are already talking about returning next year."    - Club Coach


"A big thanks for the camp.  I know my players came away buzzing and with any luck they will pass some of this on to the players who did not attend.   As a coach I learned a lot about different methods of coaching and found your style very enlightening.  Hopefully it will make me a better coach."  -  High School Coach


"I truly enjoyed  watching your staff at work and the buzz it created with the athletes and coaches who attended."   - National Director of Coaching


"I will forever be grateful to you and IMPACT for the tremendous opportunity you guys gave me.  The opportunity laid the foundation for my coaching career."   -  Professional Coach


"Thank you so much for blessing me with the opportunity to work with you at IMPACT.  I've learned more than I would have ever imagined."  -  College Coach


"Thank you to you and all your IMPACT team for a fantastic camp and a great opportunity for my girls to learn a different way to approach the game. We all love IMPACT!  "   - Club Coach


"The parent feedback is off the charts, with things like “world class”, “unbelievable”, “unimaginable”, “first class” and “best in class” being used by our parents to describe our week.  They are beside themselves with how impressed they are with IMPACT."  - Club Coach


"We have had 2 practices since returning home from IMPACT.  Things seem different.  Everything seems to be a more precise, everything done with a more effort, and the team is tight as a group.   Our players now know what it means to "embrace the grind" and what it can help them accomplish. "  - Club Coach