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Total Player Development Series


Lifetime Access

*Includes the On Court Skills, Performance Training and Shooting PLUS Content.

Perfect for Coaches, Trainers and Players Alike.

Year-long curriculum including mental side, drill sequencing, periodization and nutrition content.

Quizzes to ensure retention.

NEW! Shooting PLUS Course


Lifetime Access

Just Released. The #1 request from every player --- Shooting & Scoring training.

Get over 3 Hours of Shooting, Offensive Moves and Post Play instruction right from Joe himself.

Take your phone to the gym and work on over 130 individual drills that have helped NBA Legends for over 20 years.

Performance Training Package


Lifetime Access

Covered on the court, but need help in the weight room? This is for you.

All drills and exercises designed from the court back to the weight room.

No expensive equipment needed.

Safety instructions for every age.

78 individuals drills including 60 Performance exercises, 7 mini-band routines and 10 agility and movement drills.

On Court Basketball Skills Course


Lifetime Access

Want more than just Shooting and scoring? Get Dribbling, Conditioning and Defensive Training too.

Drills to improve at every position.

Perfect for players and coaches at all ages.

Includes the Shooting PLUS content Plus 40 Ball Handling ,16 Conditioning and 19 Defensive Drills.

* The On Court Skills and Performance Exercises Modules are included in the Full Curriculum & Certification Package.


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