NBA Pre-Draft Prep

The most successful system ever for players preparing for the NBA Draft.

Josh Green


  • Fully-integrated training system in one location
  • Helped produce 125+ NBA Draft selections since 2006
  • On-site exposure to every NBA team
  • Direct communication by Impact staff to all NBA teams
  • Exposure workouts for national media outlets
  • 4.7% average body-fat loss over 10 week program
Joe Abunassar_testimonial

"It’s great to have the opportunity to work with these young guys and get them started on their NBA careers. They put in a lot of work and had tremendous focus to get through this process. We are thrilled we had a chance to prepare them and know they will all have successful careers as a result of their continued hard work and training.

After 25+ years of doing this, it never gets old to be able to help someone achieve his dream."

Joe Abunassar

Founder & President of Impact



When Evans left Cincinnati, everyone questioned his decision to enter the draft. By his work and ability to adapt to the NBA game, he was selected in the 1st Round by then World Champions, Golden State.
- Jacob Evans


Selected with the last pick in the draft, Thomas has gone on to have a tremendous NBA career. His work at Impact with some of the other highly regarded guards in the draft gave him the confidence and exposure necessary to succeed at the next level.
- Isaiah Thomas


Unheralded during his stellar career at Norfolk State, Kyle spent his summers at Impact training and improving his game against veteran NBA players. After a vast improvement over multiple summers of training, Kyle’s college career culminated with a historical victory in the NCAA Tournament as a 15-seed. He then raised his level even further during the Impact Pre-Draft program and people took notice; he was selected 49th in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic.
- Kyle O’Quinn


After spending a month at Impact the year prior as an 18 year old with potential, Porzingis worked out at Impact and did his pro day in June after a successful European season before the draft. With over 200 NBA scouts in attendance he earned his way to the #4 pick and just signed a max-contract with the Dallas Mavericks.
- Kristaps Porzingis


Brown had a solid but relatively average season at Oregon as a highly regarded incoming freshman and came to Impact to prepare for the draft in late March of 2018. As an 18 year-old with huge potential, Brown regained his form and confidence that made him one of the top high school players in the country in 2017. He was selected #15 overall and is now a regular starter with the Washington Wizards at only 20 years old.
- Troy Brown Jr


After a solid career at Illinois and Oakland University, Nunn arrived at Impact with his incredible work ethic and dedication to make to the NBA. After going undrafted, Kendrick took the momentum he built at Impact and powered his way to the starting guard spot for the Miami Heat, and a strong case for Rookie of the Year in the NBA.
- Kendrick Nunn


Relatively unknown from Ole Miss in the eyes of many NBA scouts, Davis spent 10 weeks at Impact preparing for the draft process, cleaning up his body and skills game. After being selected as an alternate to the G-League Camp in Chicago, his play earned him a spot in the NBA Combine. 6 months later, Davis was in the rotation for the World Champion Toronto Raptors.
- Terrence Davis

who we are

Since 1998, Joe Abunassar and Impact have started the careers of the some of the best players in the NBA. Over 200 players have come through our proven Pre-Draft Training Program, and many more to come…

Some of the notable players include:

Kyle Lowry #24 Kyle O’Quinn #49
Jared Dudley #22 Dwight Powell #45
Kevin Love #5 Kristaps Porzingis #4
Serge Ibaka #24 Emmanuel Mudiay #7
Ricky Rubio #5 Myles Turner #11
Jrue Holiday #17 Jaylen Brown #3
John Wall #1 Jonathan Isaac #6
Avery Bradley #19 Troy Brown #15
Lance Stephenson #40 Jacob Evans #28
Kawhi Leonard #15 Nassir Little #25
Isaiah Thomas #60 Ignas Brazdeikis #47
Terrence Ross #8 Miye Oni #59

Why Impact ?

NBA Draft Prep (3)-min

No one has our experience preparing players for the next level.

  • Personalized training programs designed to address the concerns of NBA GMs, coaches, and scouts.
  • Vast resources of over 30 years of NBA Draft preparation knowledge.
  • Private, secluded, positive environment: We work for YOU, not for publicity, likes, or views.
  • Our full-time nutritionist will prepare a meal & supplement plan to address body-composition needs & maximize each training session.
  • NBA Combine-specific athletic testing preparation.
  • Replication of exact drill sequences from NBA team workouts.
  • Essential 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 live action within the same structure as NBA team workouts.


8:30 AM


  • Pre-workout pre-habilitation and therapy needs with Impact’s on-site athletic training staff.
  • Stretching, Normatec, Ultrasound, Fascial release Pre-workout supplement intake as prescribed based on personal nutritional and body composition consultation.

9:00-12:00 PM


  • Performance Training Session (60-75 minutes)
  • Strength, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Injury Prevention
  • Body Composition Adjustments
  • On-Court Skill Development Session (60-75 minutes)
  • Individual Positional skill work
  • NBA Team workout-specific training
  • Pro-style sets and sequences
  • Controlled, situational 1-on-1, 3-on-3 (Draft-Specific)

12:00 PM


  • Meals delivered, coordinated by Impact Staff.

2:30 PM


  • Movement Training (power generation, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction)
  • Conditioning
  • Draft-specific conditioning tests
  • Shooting Session

3:30 PM


  • Individual Shooting 
  • Speed training
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Pool training