IMPACT Certified Coach Trains With the Pros

Nebraska Basketball Trainer & Youth Coach Takes His Education To The Next Level.

With 28 years under his belt as a UPS driver, Tim Buettner certainly knows the value of hard work and dedication.  When he is not in the Big Brown truck, Coach Tim focuses on his true passion, growing a basketball training business and youth program in Norfork, Nebraska for players from the 7th grade all the way through Division 1.


"Every year, I budget time and money for my own education as a basketball trainer and coach. I have been to practically all the seminars and clinics in person or bought the DVD's. You take notes and pick up great ideas to make your program better, " says Coach Tim.

Late in 2015, Tim bought the video from that years fantastic Coaching U sessions and among all the great presenters, one speaker really stood out - IMPACT's Joe Abunassar. Tim says, "I didn't know of Joe since he doesn't promote himself as much as so many of the others, but his resume is unmatched and his passion for Player Development came across loud and clear , I had to check out IMPACT some more."

Nebraska's Coach Tim Buettner takes his Training knowledge to the next level at Impact Las Vegas.
Nebraska Coach Tim Buettner's Trip To Impact.

Coach Tim Invested $499 in IMPACT Certification and calls it

"the best money I ever spent on Basketball."

"I found the Online Certification Course, I decided to go for it. About the Online access and format." Tim says "It was awesome for me since I work full time at UPS, I could go over the material at my own pace at night and on weekends, watching some of them over and over to make sure I got every detail right. I printed off all the handouts and plans. I  log in regularly when I am putting together our practice plans. It is so much better than having to rely on my memory and notes from live training."

"Then I asked Impact if I could spend a couple of days in Vegas observing how they train basketball players, and I was so thrilled when Joe agreed to let me help out."

"From the second I walked in to IMPACT, I knew I was in a whole new world of basketball training, " Tim says with a big smile. "The amount of time they put into the Performance side - balance, strength, agility, quickness - before the players even touch a ball is remarkable. That area was definitely my weak spot prior to Certification."

"DeMarcus Cousins was working out the day I arrived and summer camp was also in session 25 feet away. I got to work with an NBA All Star and a youth camper in the same gym, doing basically the same workout. It was amazing!" reports Coach Tim.


"I got to work with an NBA All Star and a youth camper in the same gym, doing basically the same workout. It was amazing!"

Tim has introduced the Mini-Bands used so much at IMPACT into his practices and the kids LOVE them. "We have four colors - yellow, green, blue and black- and the kids try so hard to move up to the next level," says Tim. "I can really notice a difference already and I am proud that we are training them the right way and keeping them safe."

953e4170-5cb9-468d-b59a-7fbd83fbb76e"Becoming a part of the IMPACT Certified Coaching community is the best shortcut to taking my knowledge to the next level I could have ever dreamed of.  This will allow me to grow our club and my training business and career in ways I could have never imagined."


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