It's Your Chance To Take Your Program & Career To The Next Level With The Impact Certification Curriculum

In the last 10 years, "player development" has risen to the forefront of the basketball coaching world. Joe Abunassar and the Impact Basketball organization were the pioneers of this industry 20 years ago and continue to set the pace for the NBA, NCAA, International and high level youth basketball.

Impact now offers a Certification curriculum that brings you inside their system, shares all their secrets and gives you the key to more W's, the ability to maximize the skills and talents of all your players, career advancement, and personal satisfaction

Not just "a group of videos," the Certification course will fully explain every step of the process that has enabled players like Garnett and Billups, and now Lowry, Leonard, and Cousins to constantly improve and play at an All-Star level. You can install what you learn into your program for players of any age.

As a basketball coach first, Joe will explain how you can productively push for constant improvement in all areas, and how carefully implementing this player development curriculum will build a winning, strong team culture.

With over 350 videos for both on-court and performance training, insight into the mental approach needed for players to make the most of the program, and detailed nutritional and yearly planning guidelines, the course will allow you as a coach, to run ANY offense or defense you choose, better.

Your players will be more skilled, faster, stronger, and much more fresh coming into practices and games each day. You will learn how to help players recover properly and how to improve their mental approach to training, and playing.

Read and watch below to learn how the Impact Certification Curriculum will take your program, your career, or your training business to an elite level

Joe Abunassar  :  Your New Trainer

Watch this 15 minute Introduction to the Curriculum and hear Joe's Story and passion for training. 

The Certification Curriculum Is Right For...

College, International & High School Coaches - D1, D2, D3, NAIA Programs

You want to install an NBA-level player development program, but don't have the staff or budget. You need access to the "cutting edge" insight that the NBA teams, the best players in the NBA, some of the top programs in the country, and national teams from around the world utilize.

You may have have the staff or the budget, but need the knowledge to tie it all together and implement a player development program into your yearly schedule - balancing it with working on team concepts, regular practice, and all the other things that come with running a program.

You want to be efficient with your own as well as your team's time and have your players fresh and at at their best.

You want to advance your career and show that you have more value to a team or staff than other applicants. Your Certification is evidence of your commitment to the constant improvement of yourself, your program and most importantly, your players.

You will attract more, and better, players to your program by showing your commitment to player development and your detailed approach to making each one of them better players, in every way. The improvement of each of your players will be documented as an example of what you can do for all players who enter the system.

You want to run a system but your players are limited in various ways. By focusing on these areas, your players will be able to execute exactly what you need them to and run the offense or defense that will win more games.

You desire to stand apart from other coaches by showing this commitment to learning and to developing every player in you program, something that will not go unnoticed by our AD or administration.

Coaches Building a Younger Program, including High School, AAU/Travel & Club

You are working to create a culture of work and dedication and have an offensive and defensive system that works for you but you need professional insight into developing better individual players to run your schemes.

You are looking for safe, basketball-focused conditioning, strength and balance performance exercises, but you are willing to learn from the best and then teach your roster.

You want to attract the best players in the region to your program and take it to the next level.

You don't have the time to attend the elite Coaching Clinics but need to keep up with what is being covered.


5 Pillars

You want to be considered for additional coaching opportunities, including promotions within the coaching ranks or special assignments at camps, clinics, and grow your income via private lessons.

Professional Trainers, Strength Coaches & Former Players

You want the credentials you need to land coveted Basketball Training positions with NBA, NCAA, International or high level local organization and to build your own private training business. 

You want to add a new type of client to your book of business, basketball players, who will respect and value the exercises and knowledge that correlates directly to On Court performance to get them more minutes and numbers. 

You want to know how to train from the court backwards to the weight room and you want to know why as much as how to do it. Even if you didn't play yourself, you want to be viewed as an Expert in Basketball related technique. 

You want your clients, their parents, coaches and teammates to be satisfied and impressed at how they far they have come in such a short period of time, and refer you new clients without hesitation. 


Tyronn Lue, Head Coach,Cleveland Cavaliers, 2 Time NBA Champion

"Joe's system is something that every coach, trainer, or even parent, can use to raise the level of every player they coach or train. This program is proven and player development is highly overlooked in basketball today."

David Amata; Assistant Coach, Nichols State University Men's Basketball

"It wasn't only the credibility I gained, but also the knowledge I received from becoming Impact Certified that allowed me to reach my goal of becoming a Division I coach."

Todd Wilson, Heritage Christian High School

"I have been coaching basketball for 15 years and have run tons of drills and planned many practices.  The Impact Program showed me how to successful combine the strength and conditioning training, nodd Wilson, Heritage Christian High Schoolutrition, and overall yearly planning with what I am already doing.  Even things like the dynamic warm up and mini-band workouts were incredible additions to our program.  The program changed the way we look at a lot of things and we have been very successful with those changes."

TJ Otzelberger, Assistant Coach, Iowa State University Men's Basketball

"We have implemented many of the aspects of the Impact Development Program into our yearly training routine. It is proven and has been a big part of our success."

Chris Darnell; Assistant Video Coordinator, Player Development, Phoenix Sun

I was having a hard time getting my foot in the door at many levels, but the Impact Certification set me apart from the candidates and pushed me over the top.

Ryan Moore, Chaminade High School, West Hills, CA  

"The Impact Certification allowed me to implement a full development system into our program that has been very effective.  Our players' attention to detail in all areas has been enhanced significantly and, as a result, we are winning more games and much sharper in all we do.  I was amazed at just how complete and well planned the program is."

Impact BasketBall Logo

The IMPACT Story

BEFORE IMPACT - When Joe was on Coach Bob Knight's Indiana staff, he learned first-hand the value of skill development. The Hoosiers played an entire season without a called, set plays and they won more games over a four-year span than any other team in Big Ten history, including a trip to the 1992 Final Four. The secret was a commitment by each player and the staff to developing skills through the fundamentals and being in elite shape, focusing on strength and speed. 

TURNING POINT - In the summer of 1997 Joe almost moved into college coaching circuit. Unexpectedly, he had the chance to train Chauncey Billups and Kevin Garnett, two future Hall of Famers. Based on Joe's unique training style, Chauncey and Kevin showed significant improvements in a short period of time.  From there, Joe was inspired to launch his unique style of coaching and training and give up the X's and O's.

As A Sidenote: In the early days, Joe's unique kind of basketball training was unknown as a profession. Joe was employed by multiple NBA teams, including both the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors during the same season. Today, an NBA team is likely to have 3-6 development coaches and Trainers on their staff, even sending them to live in the same city as their players during the off-season.  Joe was and still is the pioneer of this science known as basketball player development. 


TODAY -  Joe and his Impact team often train over half the NBA Lottery picks immediately after the NCAA season concludes each year. Many current NBA stars spend their off-seasons training at Impact's Las Vegas super facility every summer. Many of these stars rely on Joe and Impact throughout their entire season to keep them sharp and playing at an elite level.

Joe and his crew also train thousands of young basketball players at the Impact's year-round Academy in Sarasota, Florida as well as Summer Camps in their three world-class facilities. They host clinics for the AAU Basketball organization as well as supports many other leading basketball companies and groups.  Every year, dozens of foreign professional and national teams come to Impact to learn and prepare for some of the biggest basketball events around the world.

Simply put... every day hundreds of dedicated basketball players improve their skills and capabilities with live training through Impact. They are taking in the same education you are now able to view online to improve your program. 



So Much More Than Just Videos & Not About Celebrities

There are basketball drills all over the internet for FREE. You have undoubtedly watched plenty of them, millions do every month. The Impact Online Curriculum includes 350+ of these drills, but that's not what it's about.

Impact Online provides Coaches, Trainers, Parents and Players with a complete system to train players' minds and bodies at the highest level of basketball player development at any age and level. 

If you have heard Joe speak at an elite Coaches Clinic or watched his videos on this site, you know that Joe is the real deal and could drop famous players names and share stories for weeks. If you want highlight videos with stars, stick to YouTube. Impact is about regular players getting better in every facet of the game so that they reach their full potential. 

Impact Online Focuses On:

  • Making every player better at all facets of the game.
  • More than just ball and court skills, with great information on nutrition, flexibility, balance, footwork, attitude and effort. 
  • Loving the GRIND of hard work and implementing that into your training calendar in a safe way. 
  • How to build great Practice schedules that produce long term results without burning or tuning out your players. 
  • Connecting you with professionals who love helping players improve just like you. 


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