Shooting PLUS

*Note: The Shooting PLUS course is included in the Certification Course & On Court Skill Package. It can be accessed in each course.

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Module 1 Shooting PLUS  
You learn how to shoot from practically every position thanks to almost 50 individual drills and instruction over the course of 1:17.
Unit 1 Shooting PLUS (1:17:03)
Module 2 Offensive Moves PLUS  
You'll be sure to get a great shot for yourself or your teammate thanks to almost 30 drills totalling over an hour, highlighted by a great Ball Screen series.
Unit 1 Offensive Moves PLUS (1:16:53)
Module 3 Post Play PLUS  
The paint is not just for the big players anymore. Learn how to take advantage of mismatches with perfect footwork, balance and scoring technique with your back to the basket.
Unit 1 Post Play PLUS (41:57)