Post Grad Basketball Academy Testimonials

By now you've probably read and watched what NBA legends have to say about IMPACT, and you're heard what we have to say, you've seen the proof, but what you need to hear is what other people just like you have said about their experience at IMPACT.

We'd be more than happy to put you in contact with these parents, players and coaches directly but their privacy and to comply with NCAA regulations, we have not published their names here.

Talk to you soon,

IMPACT Basketball Staff

Post Grad Players Say...

"I'm playing college basketball now because of IMPACT.  Thank you for believing in me! "


"When I came to IMPACT, I wasn't big enough, I wasn't good enough.   From the first day, I improved every aspect of my game and became a Division I prospect.  I wouldn't be where I am today without IMPACT. "                 

"Impact was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life.  I know now that I have the physical and mental toughness to succeed.   Thank you for everything you did for me."


"Thank you for having me this last 7 months and giving me the most unforgettable experience of my life.   Everything was just like you guys promised from the beginning."


"My family is so happy that I have achieved my dream of playing college basketball!   If it wasn't for IMPACT, I would have never made it. "


"I'm here on my college campus now for a few days and I love it more each day.  Thanks for everything this past year at IMPACT, I would not  be playing college basketball now if it were not for you guys. IMPACT had everything there I needed from the knowledge about the game to how to train and become a better player."


"This was definitely a dream come true to become part of the IMPACT Family and improve my game every day.  I learned so much about myself in the time I was there.   The amount of time you and your coaching staff put in must not have been easy, and I have nothing but high praise for the program in giving me the opportunity to accept a college scholarship.  Thank you for all you did for me."


"Thank you and the IMPACT staff for everything - it was a fantastic experience.  I really appreciate the opportunities you have given me."


"What a great experience I had in Las Vegas at IMPACT!  I want to thank you for everything you taught me - about basketball and about life.   I have tremendous respects for your knowledge and expertise.   It was a great opportunity to be a part of IMPACT."


"No way was I ready for what IMPACT demands.  But I now know what it takes to be successful in college and the rest of my life."



Parents from Around the World Say...

"There is no way our son is playing on ESPN without what you and your staff did for him at IMPACT.   We are truly grateful for your taking a discouraged kid with no college offers out of high school and turning him into a scholarship player."  California


"On behalf of our family,  I would like to extend our sincere thanks to your entire staff for taking care of our son.   Thank you for investing in his dream, and giving him this opportunity to play college basketball.  We are forever grateful."   - China


"Our son was told by nearly everyone he was not "college basketball material."  Thank you for believing in him and giving him this opportunity to achieve his dream of playing in college.  We are so proud!" -     Alaska


"Our son has improved so much - a big difference in his skills and speed at which he plays.  He has gotten quicker and more well rounded as a player.    We are excited about his college career ahead! " -  Washington


"I want to thank you for all of the hard work you put into my son.  He has completed the post graduate program,  completed his academic requirements, and is now headed to college basketball.   This would not have happened without IMPACT. "  - Oregon     


"From what I have witnessed, your program gives young men the best opportunities I have seen in all my years around the sport. Thank you so much for your continued commitment to our son's success.  " -  Parent / Former College Player   Texas


"I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for my son.  It has been hard for me not to be there and see things for myself - and see that he's okay.   I feel so much more at ease thanks to your reassurances and great communication.    Thanks to everyone who works with him! " -  Virginia


"Thank you for everything you did for our son.  In any event you shall visit our country, you are "forever" welcome to stay in our house. "-   Indonesia


"We have received nothing but positive feedback from our son.  He is loving the program!   We also appreciate your taking our calls and allowing us to check up on him.  As parents, It gives us peace of mind knowing that although he is halfway around the world, he is safe, well cared for, and in good hands.   Thank you again for all you do." -  Australia


"Thank you for giving my son the opportunity to reach his dream of playing college basketball.   I hope one day to be able to thank you in person. " -   Israel


"Our son enjoyed his time at IMPACT immensely, and I have noticed that he is more independent and more confident. He says the friendships he made in Las Vegas will be for life - thank you and your IMPACT staff for your help and guidance as he moves onto college basketball. " -  New Zealand


"Thank you so much for everything you did for our son this year.  It was a great experience.  Thank you for taking care of him while he was away from us. " -  Belgium


"We were totally humbled by both of your letters of support for our son's college basketball opportunity.   We are very grateful for what you have written and what you have done for our son." -  New Zealand


"It is so great to hear that our son is training hard and making progress.   We are so pleased to hear he is loving the game again after the struggles with his injury.   Thank you for all you are doing for him! " -  Australia


"We just wanted to send you a "Thank You" for all your help with our son at Impact and in getting him to his dream of college basketball!   He wouldn't be on this journey now if it wasn't for you taking such an interest in him at Impact, and in helping him realize his dream.  Your input and advice along the way has been invaluable and we are so grateful that he had your coaching staff to guide him.  Impact gave him so much in terms of basketball and personal development, we know that will stand him in good stead in the future, whatever path he takes.  " - New Zealand