Post-Grad Training Program

Are you under-rated, under-sized or still waiting to mature?

Have you missed the opportunity to be recruited by the right college coaches?

Are you willing to grind like never before to upgrade your game and overhaul your body to continue your basketball journey?


If you answered Yes to the questions above, You are in the right spot.

Every year, the IMPACT Post-Grad Training Program provides players just like you their BEST CHANCE TO PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL at the school and level that is right for them on the court and in the classroom.

Not only will you become the best basketball player you can be, you will become an even better, more disciplined, mature and independent adult, while our staff and your Recruiting Advisor work just as hard to find the right fit for you in college.

This great student was "Just 17... Didn’t want to begin using my college eligibility." - Watch A Day in His Life as an IMPACT POST GRAD.

This video captured Post-Grad Gemeny Givens' story so well that over 70,000 people have enjoyed it on YouTube. We wanted to share it with you. Enjoy and come visit for yourself anytime.

What Will YOU Get From IMPACT's Post Grad Program?

College Placement Assistance

You will play a nationally recognized schedule designed to provide film against top level competition. Our staff will work tirelessly to provide you collegiate options that you have never had before.

Transform Your Body & Your Game

We'll take a look at where you are now and develop a map to the next level. Building from the court back to the weight room, you will add the skills needed in addition to the muscle, explosiveness and balance that produces dramatic results.

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What Will YOUR FAMILY Get From IMPACT's Post Grad Program?

An Education-First "Gap Year"

IMPACT's Post-Grad "gap year" program is designed for Students to preserve and enhance the educational opportunities available to them when they start college without losing a year of eligibility. SAT Prep tutoring is available if needed.

Personal Growth & Discipline

Your son will grow up in a hurry and find within himself a level of commitment and dedication to an improvement process that will benefit him for the rest of his life. Countless players have used their IMPACT training to propel them to impressive careers on and off the court.

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Example of a summer or early fall day at IMPACT Las Vegas


IMPACT has fine-tuned a system that enable you to capture on film exactly what coaches are looking for in a Post-Grad recruit. You'll play a combination of Junior College and other Post-Grad programs.

We strategically calendar games the teams stocked with the top talent available not to win championships or make a name for our program, but rather so that your film shows what you can against players coaches are familiar with and resemble the talent your will be playing with as a member of their team.

IMPACT is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT US and the coaches you need to know appreciate what we are doing for you and them very much.


Want a Tour of the world-famous IMPACT BASKETBALL facility in Las Vegas & the Post Grad Housing?

Just let us know when you'll be in town for a Tournament or if you're making a special trip, and we'll be sure to show you the whole program.


Boarding: $32,500 

Non-Boarding: $19,500

Program Dates: September 9-March 30

Competition Fee: $2,000

Your son will be trained using the same methodology that has prepared NBA players, pre-draft clients and international professional teams for over 15 years.

While we can make no guarantees, it is not uncommon for a Post-Grad to receive additional financial aid from his eventual college that far exceeds his cost of IMPACT training.

Financing via Payment Plans are available, please contact us for more information.

How to Apply?

IMPACT's staff personally interviews each applicant to ensure that your desired destination is achievable and that you understand how hard you'll have to work to get there. You can contact us to set up a consultation with our veteran staff or submit film via our online form and we'll get a hold of you.


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Playing Division I, II, and III

Impact Graduates
0% 100%
National Average

IMPACT Post-Grad players have received over $2 million in college scholarships & financial aid.


83% Of Impact Graduates Play in Division I, II, and III, Compared to a National Average of Just 3%

IMPACT Post-Grad players have received over $2 million in college scholarships & financial aid.