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For over a decade, IMPACT's Academy Program has been providing players like you with your BEST CHANCE TO PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Our focus is on developing you into the best player you can be and creating college options for your future.

While our resume is without equal in basketball development, this program is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT US. Our program is designed to make YOU a college-ready recruit.

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"What makes the IMPACT Academy so great is taking the programming we use with our Pro clients and extending it over seven months with our academy athletes. Players will be blown away by the strides they make on the floor and in the weight room over one academy season."

Joe Abunassar

Founder & President of Impact

Why Should You Attend IMPACT Academy?


College Placement Assistance

You will play a nationally recognized schedule designed to provide film against top level competition. Our staff will work tirelessly to provide you collegiate options that you have never had before.


Food &

Individual nutrition consultation and analysis. Meal Plan Guidance. precision supplementation program for each player.


Strength & Conditioning

Complete bio-mechanical evaluation. NBA Combine athletic testing. training. NBA-Style strength and conditioning sessions daily.


Competitive Training

Individual session with Impact coaches to build the mental approach to training and playing in games.



  • Detailed player-specific on-court skill development.
  • Game situation instruction to develop court awareness and increase efficiency.
  • A competitive schedule specifically designed to create opportunities for recruiting.
  • Impact Basketball’s exclusive strength and conditioning program.
  • Performance training to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, and explosiveness.
  • Complete Nutrition and hydration education for increased high-level performance and efficiency.


  • Individualized academic schedule to address each student's needs.
  • SAT and ACT test prep courses.
  • I-20 available.


  • A dedicated systematic approach to maximize college exposure for each player.
  • Fully integrated college recruiting and placement program.
  • Extensive game video documentation for collegiate evaluation and recruiting.
Ciro spotting Jimmy

He was just 17 when he graduated with no offers. Watch and learn how he "just graduated, debt free thanks to IMPACT".

Where will your impact journey take you?




  • Nutrition counseling, goal setting and meal planning with our Director of Performance Nutrition and Sports Science.
  • NSF certified supplements from the Herbalife24 range of products.
  • Individualized and goal-oriented meals coordinated by our Sports Nutrition Department
Meal Prep
Herbalife Table

Academic Development

IMPACT provides a comprehensive academic program designed to meet the individual needs of each athlete as he prepares for his collegiate career.

High School Academic Curriculum

A complete high school curriculum for Grades 9-12 is offered through our fully accredited educational Academic Partners. Their academic programs prepare IMPACT athletes for challenges of the college classroom, as well as ensures eligibility at every level of college basketball.


Our SAT/ACT preparation class is offered once per semester to give high school and post graduate athletes the skills and confidence they need to achieve and improve on their collegiate standardized tests.

TOEFL / English
Language Classes

IMPACT offers a comprehensive program for competency and mastery of English, as well as preparation for the TOEFL English Language Test. Our international academic program is designed to meet the specific needs of each student to provide the tools necessary to function and flourish in an English language curriculum.

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Kyle guarding Ciro

Tuition & Application/Selection Process

Boarding: $32,500
Non-Boarding: $19,500
Program Dates: September 9-March 30

Your son will be trained using the same methodology that has prepared NBA players, pre-draft clients and international professional teams for over 15 years.

While we can make no guarantees, it is not uncommon for an Academy player to receive additional financial aid from his eventual college that far exceeds his cost of IMPACT training.

Financing via Payment Plans are available, please contact us for more information.

How to Apply?

IMPACT's staff personally interviews each applicant to ensure that your desired destination is achievable and that you understand how hard you'll have to work to get there. You can contact us to set up a consultation with our veteran staff or if you know you're ready to apply click here to Apply right now.

IMPACT's New Housing Location

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