If you are looking for a summer basketball training experience like nothing else in the world for your son and daughter, you are in the right place.

Enjoy this introductory video and reach out to book your week, or weeks, today.


For over a decade, basketball players like you have been coming to Impact Basketball for an amazing Summer Training Camp experience. Every year, we host hundreds of high school athletes, including McDonald’s All- Americans, U.S.A. developmental players, and numerous all-state selections who train at our two locations.

You can expect an intense combination of on-court skill development, movement specific performance training, video analysis, as well as nutrition counseling throughout training camp. Our training focuses on improving player weaknesses, honing strengths, and conditioning athletes to perform at their peak throughout their season.


Our coaching staff’s primary goal is to fully prepare each athlete for their upcoming season, as well as build the foundation for a successful collegiate player.

Our highly structured training schedule bolsters over 7 hours of player development each day, averaging 35 hours per week; enabling athlete’s the ability to maximize their focus and their results. With 45 players maximum per week at camp, we focus on small group training to enhance the training experience. Our intense training environment creates an intimate, learning conducive setting for you, where skill progression and athlete comprehension is maximized.

All of our coaches on staff have collegiate level development experience or higher. This wealth of experience and knowledge offers you a unique and comprehensive perspective. Impact staff will focus attention towards footwork recognition, advanced ball control, game simulated conditioning, shot correction, as well as shot development throughout camp.



Paul Rogers

Parent of 8th & 10th Graders


"I've sent my kids to many camps, but Impact was something special.  From the moment we walked in we knew we were there to train and get better.  They had a great time too, but their improvement was amazing."

Jacob Pofsky

8th Grader


"I spent 4 weeks at Impact last summer and it changed my entire approach to the game.  I can't wait to get back there."

Luke Webb

11th Grader

"I have been to basketball camps my whole life and nothing was even close to Impact.  Being with the NBA players and training that hard was an experience I will never forget."

 Brian Tengel

10th Grader


"The best thing about Impact was that even though I was only here for 2 weeks, I was able to take everything I learned and keep up my training."  

NEW! Two Experiences To Choose From

Review the individual pages for even more details about the training experiences offered at each location.

ELITE High School

  • Intense small group training (limited class size of 12)
  • Integrated 1 on 1 instruction
  • Professional meal plan and nutrition education (identical to our NBA Pre-draft meal plan)
  • Specialized athletic performance and strength training
  • Data driven performance analysis
  • Video analysis and film study
  • Collegiate recruiting seminar
  • Leadership development
  • Official IMPACT Nike training gear

All Ages Training

  • Traditional world-renowned IMPACT Summer Training
  • Limited to 45 Players per week
  • Boarding & Non-Boarding
  • Upgrades available including uniform and meal plans

Two Locations PLUS Boarding & Non-Boarding Options

Las Vegas Nevada

Cantera Apartments
7600 S. Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89139


Sarasota Florida

ParkCrest Landing Apartments
5725 1st Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208