Online Training for Coaches, Parents & Players

8 Hours of Expert Content - Online, On Demand from any device.


  • Lifetime Access to Over 8 Hours of professionally produced  "train the trainer" instruction designed originally for coaches and trainers.
  • Parents started purchasing and RAVING about the impact it has had on their sons and daughters.
  • The library of 350 short videos allow you jump right to a drill for a specific situation like Offensive Post moves or strength exercises for quickness.
  • Coaches can pass quizzes and be Certified for use in Marketing.

"Joe's system is something that every coach, trainer, or even parent, can use to raise the level of every player they coach or train.

This program is proven and player development is highly overlooked in basketball today."

Ty Lue, Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Champion & Impact Certified Coach,


Certified Coach Curriculum

You can join hundreds of coaches from around the world who have completed the 8 module course designed to turn you into a professional basketball player development specialist. Lessons cover basketball skills plus strength and conditioning from the court back to the weight room. This is the total package.

Parents Guide To Developing Your Son & Daughter To Their Full Potential

You'll be tapped into the secrets of Joe Abunassar's 30-year coaching and training career - the exact methods he uses every day to help your favorite NBA stars - to  make sure your child trains the right way, including the proper way and age to incorporate weight training.

NEW! 3+ Hours Shooting PLUS Course - Lifetime Access for just $49

By popular demand, we recently broke out the Shooting and Offensive drills from the overall curriculum to give you a chance to work on your offensive game within a budget.

For just $49, you'll get Lifetime Access to over 3 hours of instruction right from Joe, like this example.