5 Keys to Picking the Right Summer Basketball Training Experience

Student-athletes like you or your children must use the off-season properly to take your game to the next level. As compared to in-season when you are part of a team chasing W’s, this critical period is best put to use working on yourself, specifically your on-court skills, but just as important is the need to make great strides in your strength and conditioning, your nutritional habits as well as building your motivation to improve and excel.  Outside the limitations of your team’s systems, schedule and with few other items on your calendar to interfere, you can leapfrog your competition with a great off-season.

For almost 30 years, IMPACT has been leading this transition in young players by training, guiding and motivating them as the pioneers in the player development segment of basketball. Our mission is to make every player so well rounded and complete that they can contribute to any program, regardless of their offensive and defensive schemes.

kyle summer

Train next to NBA stars like Toronto Raptor, Kyle Lowry.

So how do you select the best summer training program, especially if one option may be far from home and more expensive than your local school “camp”?

We have based our entire operation on the answers to this question and developed principles we believe to be a great guide to your evaluation

1.Focused on the individual’s specific needs.

Does your training program take into account the specific holes in your game that need to be developed? Or do they run the same drills each day or week, regardless of who’s on the floor? You want a program that assesses your game as an individual and designs and instructs on and off the floor to what they have discovered. Players often attend IMPACT for more than one week, so we make sure that you will be constantly challenged as individuals.

2. Qualified and engaged staff.

Coaching a local team is far different than developing basketball players. Some great coaches and programs are built on player development but sadly, most are not. Programs are rarely given the time and opportunity to develop players. The time they have is reserved for teaching an offense, studying film, etc… You want to find an off-season training staff completely devoted to developing your game from a core level of individual skills that can be integrated into any team plan. IMPACT works on these foundational elements almost exclusively with not only student athletes but also many of the NBA’s biggest and incoming stars, getting them ready on and off the court to battle for playing time and championships as part of a team.

3. Emphasis on proper strength and conditioning techniques.

To excel on the basketball court, you need the appropriate balance of strength, speed, balance and flexibility as an athlete. In a typical camp setting, off-court training in this regard is often either ignored all together or mis-taught by staff unfamiliar with the needs and risks associated with traditional weight training. IMPACT has been mastering this training by starting with the on-court demands on a player and working backwards to the weight room and training aids. Your player will learn how to condition their body in a way that changes everything for them.

4. Motivational, long-term in basketball and life.

Student-athletes have a lot on their plates these days and need to be influenced very carefully to avoid being tuned out. They need a training camp experience that makes them believe it’s possible to take their game to the next level with the right program and attitude. They need concrete building blocks of confidence that they can look back on to believe in themselves. By training at IMPACT, literally next to some of the best players in the world, they will see for themselves that their success is the result of the hard work they put in and the commitment they are willing to make to improve.  Each year parents send us messages about how our training changed their child’s life habits and that is without a doubt what we are most proud of in our work.

5. Take home value.  

Getting the value you deserve for an investment in a summer training experience like IMPACT’s is important. Let’s face it, what we do in the gym for a few weeks each summer is great. The kids love it and beg to stay longer and come back next summer.  But when compared to some local high school or college camp, if they don’t put what they learned and experienced to work as they continue to develop on the own and with their team, we have all wasted an opportunity. You need to be sure that that they are taught, motivated and ready to keep working to fully get the return for your money and time from a summer training experience.

As parents and players, you have to make decisions that will have an impact for life. You want the people you trust to make the best use of your family’s time and money to make sure these precious opportunities to improve are not wasted.  At IMPACT, we have been helping players and their families for three decades get the most out of not only their summer off-seasons, but more importantly, their individual potential and we promise to make the most of your investment in us.

For more information about training at IMPACT as an individual or part of a group or team for one or more weeks, please contact us today.